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Nayantara: After 10 years of marriage, Adidev (Gourab Mondal) and Averi (Payal De) are about to experience parenthood with the birth of their first child. The doctor warns Avery that she might face life threatening complications if she decides to go ahead with the child birth. Averi does not tell Adidev about this because she wants to give him the happiness of fatherhood and be a mother herself. On the other hand, Avery means the world to Adidev, so he will definitely chose her life over the child. Avery gives birth to Tara (Hiya Mukherjee). Avery dies within a few minutes of Taraís birth. The doctor informs Adidev that he had warned Avery but she did not listen. Adidev, who was already devastated by his wife's death, comes to know that the Income Tax Department had raided his office. Adidev starts to believe that Tara is the source of the misfortune in his life and hatred grows in his heart for Tara. On the other hand, Adidev's second wife Madhuja (Swarnakamal) loves Tara more than her own daughter Preeti. But Adideb canít tolerate that either. Tara's only wish, will she ever get his father's affection?

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  • Emajuddin Sepai
    Emajuddin Sepai3 أيام قبل

    খেলা টা জমেছে

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    আদি তুই ঠিক হয়ে যাবি 👍

  • Srinjay group senter
    Srinjay group senter4 أيام قبل

    Nice serial

  • Samia Chy
    Samia Chy4 أيام قبل

    Tumader ei 2 minit bal er vidio akon Ami dekina.. Tumra 2 minit dew r onno scenel a full episode de .. Bal er sun Bagla asob 2 minit er vidio gula r dekina

  • Abhijit Barman
    Abhijit Barman4 أيام قبل

    Amar tarar babar jarna tuko kasto hy na tarar jarno kasto hy

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    Prio Bhai o bonera amake ettu sapurt koren na please

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  • Asad Ali
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    আমার তারার বাবার জন্য মোটেও কষ্ট হচ্ছে না, যে যেমন তার সাথে তেমনটাই হওয়া উচিত 😚

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    Radhia Nitu Cooking Studio4 أيام قبل

    বাংলাদেশ থেকে প্রতিদিন কে কে দেখেছো 👍

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    Samia Chy

    4 أيام قبل

    Apni kutay teke dekte sen

  • Tahamina Khatun
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    My favourite Tara didi😍😍❤❤best👍👍

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    নয়নতারা সিরিয়াল কার কার ভালো লাগে 👍👍👍

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    Ak bar Jodi jante pare ata perite na tara 🙏 somudaro toma k o besas korbe na 💞💞💞💞💞 tarar baba